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IMK Northampton

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We offer individuals a diagnostic consultation from £150 + VAT (companies from £200 + VAT) so you know where you stand with your immigration matters. Your caseworker will take your instructions at a one off initial appointment taking note of key dates, your immigration history and advising of all viable options so you know where you stand.


An advice letter will follow summarising your instructions, with clear practical advice as to the possible applications, the prospects of success, the timescales involved and our estimated costs for further work based on the information you have given. You will also be advised of any additional fees you may have to pay e.g. Home Office fees / barrister's fees. This allows you to make an informed decision and identify a strategy which most suits your personal requirements.

We can quote you on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis. Our quotes will reflect the complexity of the case and time estimated to complete the work. You will receive regular updates about costs and disbursements. It costs nothing to call for a quote!


IMK Solicitors can offer publically funded asylum and immigration services to those who qualify in our procurement area.